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Matt has become a main player in Staten Island's theater community. It began a short time ago in 2010 when Matt appeared in SICTA's production of Guys and Dolls as Sky Masterson.  Matt earned the I.S.24 Drama Award (2011) after appearing in FOOTLOOSE as Rev. Shaw Moore singing "I Confess" and the Spirit Award (2012) for his efforts with SING during his HS Freshman year.

After apearing in his first production in 2010, Matt performed in no less than six productions in 2011.  2012 is turning out to be an exciting year with lead roles in OKLAHOMA!, PIPPIN and FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.
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Interests:  Singing, Acting, Reading, Video Games, History

Favorite Movies: toy story 3, Tarzan, Footloose (1984)

Favorite Music: The Script, Elvis, Journey

Favorite Books: The Hobbit, The Phantom Tollbooth

Favorite Games: x-Men Desnity, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros

Favorite Sites: Gundam Fanon, Halo fanon, Mass effect fanon

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